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10 % of all proceeds are used to fight against the epidemic of human trafficking!

  •  You are suffering from pregnancy brain . 
  •  You find that you have a mental block starting and completing tasks.  
  •  You want to document each moment of your pregnancy.  
  •  You want to be intentional in planning out your pregnancy.  
  •  Your hectic life is controlling your day.  
  •  You are constantly over-committing at the cost of quality time with those you love.  

Are you frantically wondering how you can get it together before your baby is born? Do you fear all the unknowns coming your way? 

Is this your fourth baby and you want to document each moment faithfully?

Then you need this Pregnancy Planner & Journal.

Document each precious milestone in your weekly journal pages. Don't regret not capturing the moments.  

Be prepared with multiple pregnancy resources and checklists. 

Habibi House is an informational blog pregnancy, birth, and all things mom life.  

Like you, we wear many hats and found ourselves:

1. Over scheduled 

2. Under productive.

 After creating our personal planners, we found our days less chaotic and way more manegable.

Laying in bed at night, was no longer filled with regret over half finsihed projects and impromtu notes on our smart phone.

We are thrilled to offer you our planner and add-on packs which are specific to your journey. 

Join us in taking back control of your day!

  • Routines limit choices.
  • A well planned day enables priorities.
  • A schedule gives you a framework to work within.  
  • Intentionally planning your time, increases productivity.  
  • A balanced time schedule nourishes you into accomplishment.
  • Creating a schedule allows control over time rather than a feeling of frustration at the end of the day.  
  • Organizing your time kicks your procrastination out the front door.
  • Allows you a visual picture of your day, week, month, and year.  
  • A printed pack decreases the need for multiple planners and allows your personal creativity and preferences. 
I want it! I'm convinced!
pregnancy planner journal Habibi house

Multiple checklists and planning tools to maximize your productivity and minimize your time spent researching what's needed throughout pregnancy and birth. 

Each pregnancy planner includes two customizable Birth Plan templates, a countdown to forty weeks tracker, and a weekly journal. 

We also included "Letters to Baby" A precious template for you and daddy to jot down those special feelings for your child.

Print your tri-fold Appointment tracker to organize each pregnancy OB visit. Your pamphlet includes a dedicated space to write down anticipated testing and their results. 

Be sure to jot down your questions for your provider and recordthe answers given to you. 

Trust us when we say pregnancy brain is no joke. 

First of all, this planner and the packs, rock. They are gorgeous and effecient. 

Literally what more could you ask for? How about fighting against the injustice of slavery?

Consider the word Habibi. It's an unusal word that means something close to the soul of a woman. It's Arabic for "my love" or "beloved". It's a term of endearment used to describe the ones held close to the soul of a mother or a woman. 

We chose the word Habibi because the things inside of our home are our "Habibi‘s" or treasured, loves.

But not everyone’s loved ones are in the saftey of a home.  

Join Habibi House as we take a stand against human trafficking.  

Join us as we stand up and say : 

Hell no, we will not stop searching for you, fighting for you, and re-establishing you into a safe life. 

Restore Survivors. Stop Oppression.

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THIS SOUNDS AWESOME! So how much does it cost?

 ONLY $24.97